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The Muesli Classic – 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats, Coconut and that’s it. All natural and naturally sugar free The Classic stands out among mueslis. For Free Postage try the 2 Pack – 40 delicious serves delivered to your door.

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The Muesli Gluten Free – Not just gluten free, 97% sugar free too. A delicious combination of 5 nuts, 4 seeds, coconut, puffed organic Australian amaranth & brown rice flakes – the perfect way start to the day.

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Sugar Conscious Recipes

The Muesli Mediterranean Dukkah

June 22, 2017 0 0

INGREDIENTS - 1 Cup of The Muesli of choice (we used Classic) - Zest of half a lemon - 3 tsp of dried oregano - 1/2 a tsp of...

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Emma Dumma’s The Muesli, Pomegranate & Brussels Sprouts Salad

June 1, 2017 0 0

This salad is a family favourite at our place. It's quick and easy to make, absolutely delicious and makes a great treat for lunch the next day. INGRDIENTS  500g of Brussels Sprouts...

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Brekky Prep; Overnight Porridge Three Ways

May 31, 2017 0 0

Introducing The Muesli Porridge Pack! With all you need to make a delicious porridge base. Add on the toppings in the recipe below and voila! You have three...

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Our Founder

It’s the ultimate delicious start to the day.  High in protein and virtually no sugar, we let our premium, natural ingredients speak for themselves.  With no added anything, it’s what’s not in The Muesli that makes it special.

“I created The Muesli because there was nothing else like it, despite all the claims on their packs, most others come with a not so healthy hit of sugar.  I just wanted to make it easy to enjoy a healthy, great tasting choice for breakfast, without the sugar.”

Emma Dumas
Founder, The Muesli

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