The Muesli Mug Muffin – Banana

November 5, 2015 0 0
The Muesli Mug Muffin

Only four ingredients and ready in less than four minutes, this easy to make mug muffin is a great option for a snack or even a light lunch. This simple recipe can be made...

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Meshel & Tommy – Cash for Comment

November 4, 2015 0 0
Emma with a one year supply of The Muesli

Did you hear "Emma, the CEO" discuss The Muesli with Meshel & Tommy on Nova 100? If you missed it, you can catch up here...

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Surprised (well, not really) & Disappointed (definitely)

October 23, 2015 0 0
Healthy? Food Guide

It was with great excitement that we submitted our entry – back in June – for the Healthy Food Awards – in Healthy Food Magazine. ...

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At The Muesli we’re on a mission to

Offer you the highest quality, most delicious sugar free muesli on the planet.

Be the natural sugar free choice.

Treat our customers with respect – just like our ingredients.

Deliver anywhere in Australia for no more than $5.

Educate people about the benefits of sugar free living.

97% Sugar Free 100% Flavour


The Muesli Classic – 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats, Coconut and that’s it. All natural and naturally sugar free The Classic stands out among mueslis. For Free Postage try the 2 Pack – 40 delicious serves delivered to your door.

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The Muesli Gluten Free – Not just gluten free, 97% sugar free too. A flavour filled combination of 5 nuts, 4 seeds, delicious coconut, puffed organic Australian amaranth and brown rice flakes – the perfect gluten & sugar free start to the day.

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About Emma


Eating muesli as a kid I thought ‘how healthy am I!’ Turns out it came with a not-so-healthy whack of sugar. With only great tasting premium raw ingredients,The Muesli is naturally 97% sugar free. So it’s what’s not in it that makes it special.”

Emma Dumas
Founder, The Muesli

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