The Muesli Dukkah – Breakfast In Bed

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Spoil your mum this Mother's Day with this wonderful breakfast in bed recipe created by yours truly. This Dukkah is simple, delicious and of course complies with The One...

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16 Sugar- free Gift Ideas for Mum

April 29, 2016 0 0
muesli gift

Mother's Day is coming up quickly and we need to get organised and think of the best gift to show that woman our enormous gratitude and appreciation for all that she...

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Three Silent Trees

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Three Silent Trees was established from a design and illustration blog called 'Doey and Owlette' which was founded by Michelle in 2012. Three Silent Trees offers a range of...

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At The Muesli we’re on a mission to

Offer you the highest quality, most delicious sugar free muesli on the planet.

Be the natural sugar free choice.

Treat our customers with respect – just like our ingredients.

Deliver anywhere in Australia for no more than $5.

Educate people about the benefits of sugar free living.

97% Sugar Free 100% Flavour


The Muesli Classic – 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats, Coconut and that’s it. All natural and naturally sugar free The Classic stands out among mueslis. For Free Postage try the 2 Pack – 40 delicious serves delivered to your door.

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The Muesli Gluten Free – Not just gluten free, 97% sugar free too. A flavour filled combination of 5 nuts, 4 seeds, delicious coconut, puffed organic Australian amaranth and brown rice flakes – the perfect gluten & sugar free start to the day.

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About Emma


Eating muesli as a kid I thought ‘how healthy am I!’ Turns out it came with a not-so-healthy whack of sugar. With only great tasting premium raw ingredients,The Muesli is naturally 97% sugar free. So it’s what’s not in it that makes it special.”

Emma Dumas
Founder, The Muesli

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