Sugar still the elephant in the room despite the Live Lighter campaign

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Despite healthy heavy weights the Cancer Council, the Heart Foundation and Healthy Together joining forces with the Victorian State Government to highlight the dangers of sugar in the Australian diet, it falls short of giving consumers any education on how they can reduce their sugar intake, or in fact how they can actually identify just how much sugar is in what they eat or drink.

The Live Lighter Campaign

The Live Lighter Campaign is a program targeting the ever growing obesity problem in Australia and aims to encourage adults to ‘make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active’. You may have seen this ad…

What’s the problem with the Live Lighter campaign?

It’s simply not enough.

The Live Lighter campaign serves to point the finger solely at sugary drinks, and totally fails to highlight the hidden sugar in supermarket trollies full of – ‘staples’. Where are the ads targeting cereals, sauces and flavouring? The campaign is a weak response by the government and leading health bodies to the recent talk around sugar. They are seen to be taking action, while still placating ‘big sugar’, they focus on an easy target and not the whole problem.

The campaign makes no advances in targeting food labels and the misleading messaging on them – and that’s the way it’s intended to be. The big business of processed food does not wish to make understanding food labels any easier, for fear that the consumer might suddenly have a real insight.

So what is the solution?

Sugar is the elephant in the room and it’s time for a simple, easy to understand, single glance tool that can be used on any product, to identify how much sugar is in it.

That’s why we developed The One Line Rule. On every label, on every packaged food, there is one consistent element required by law; the nutrition information panel. By reading just one line on that panel – SUGAR – consumers can know instantly if it’s a good choice or not. Over 5g of sugar per 100g is a tell-tale sign (and the Rule to follow) – then the consumer can make their own decision to put the product back.

We need to incite a food revolution to identify how much sugar is lurking in the foods families eat every day. Our children are growing up addicts and their future health depends on us taking control.

If we did just this ONE thing with ONE line on the nutrition panel, to make healthier choices, the obesity and diabetes epidemics that grip this country could be stopped in their tracks, or at the very least slowed enormously.  We have to start somewhere.

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