Birthday Blinis with Prosciutto, Smoked Salmon & D’Affinois

March 27, 2017 by in category The Muesli Recipes with 0 and 0

This recipe is a The Muesli classic. Originally created by founder Emma Dumas in 2015, the recipe has been revamped and restyled for 2017 (welcome to the future). This easy recipe makes a wonderful healthy and savoury treat for birthdays, a perfect compliment to our sugar free birthday cake.


– 1 cup of The Muesli Classic

– 1 cup of full-fat Greek yoghurt

– 1 egg – Salt and pepper, to taste

– Your favourite toppings (we recommend cream cheese, smoked salmon, prosciutto and one of our favourite cheese, D’Affinois! Seek it out at deli’s, trust us, it’s worth it).


1. In a food processor, blitz The Muesli until it’s finely milled, only just rougher than flour.

2. Mix The Muesli with the yoghurt and egg.

3. Add salt and pepper, to taste.

4. On a non-stick fry pan (sprayed with a little oil or a greased with a little butter), cook spoons of the batter on a medium heat as you would pancakes – waiting for bubbles to appear on one side before turning.

5. Serve with your favourite antipasti toppings (can we recommend D’Affinois cheese again? Trust us!).