The Muesli seems more expensive than supermarket brands. Why is this?

The Muesli is a premium product by the nature and proportion of the ingredients that it contains. Most other products are filled with the cheapest ingredient (rolled oats) with much less of the nuts and seeds which are the ingredients that make a muesli special (not to mention, good for you)! 64% of The Muesli is made up of the freshest raw nuts and seeds and delicious shaved coconut with only 36% rolled oats – (compared with over 70% oats in many of the leading brands.)

There appears to be a high fat content. Is it going to prevent weight loss?

The fats in The Muesli are ‘good’ unrefined essential oils (such as omega 3 and omega 6) derived from raw nuts & seeds – so are in their natural form – not denatured by any heating process. Also from coconut – a fascinating oil – one of only a few naturally occurring sources of MCT – medium chain triglycerides – coconut oil is sometimes referred to as a ‘low calorie fat’!!!

Fats by their nature suppress appetite, and some are much better than others as aids in weight loss. Researchers at McGill University, in Quebec, Canada have investigated the use of a special type of dietary fat to treat and prevent obesity – a fat that is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Their studies demonstrated that diets containing MCT result in an increase in energy, a rise in metabolism, increase burning of calories, decrease in food consumption, lower body fat mass, and reduce body weight. Because of these effects, the authors of this study recommend using oils containing MCT, such as coconut oil, as a means to lose excess body fat, control weight, and even treat obesity.

I love the coconut but isn’t it a ‘bad – trans fat’?

To equate saturated fats with trans fats is incorrect and misleading. Saturated fats are not all created equal. Coconut oil while predominantly saturated, nevertheless is a healthy oil.

Coconut oil has been scientifically shown to be a ‘healthy fat’.

In 1988, N.W. Istfan of Harvard University Medical School’s Nutrition Coordinating Center, vindicated coconut oil. Dr. Istfan reported: “For the U.S. consumer, the use of coconut oil does not increase the role of heart disease.” Other researchers have demonstrated that coconut oil reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions. It helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as a result of its antimicrobial component, lauric acid, which is found solely in coconut oil and in breast milk. Coconut oil is rich in MCTs, which provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, and enable the human body to metabolize fat efficiently.

This feature helps dieters, athletes, individuals who have difficulty digesting fat, and those with impaired immune systems.

Unlike some saturated fats, coconut oil does not raise cholesterol.

Coconut oil is also effective in reducing body fat and lowering weight is because it contains fewer calories than any other fat. For this reason, it has gained the distinction of being the world’s only natural, low-calorie fat.

Coconut oil’s main advantage in weight management is due mainly to its affect on metabolism. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil are smaller than other fats and, therefore, digest very quickly, so quickly in fact, that the body uses them as an immediate source of fuel – instead of storing them inside our fat cells. MCT are used to immediately produce energy, much like carbohydrates and, therefore, they do not circulate in the bloodstream like other fats. For this reason, they do not supply fat to fat cells or contribute to weight gain.

Coconut oil is more satisfying than other fats and so assists in limiting total food calorie consumption. When added to meals people tend to eat less food and feel fuller longer so they don’t eat as much at the next meal.

I like the taste of toasted muesli. Why isn’t The Muesli toasted?

Heating above 160 C destroys the good qualities of the naturally occurring oils/fats contained in the nuts and seeds. In their changed/degenerated form (post heating) they are no longer beneficial to the diet and become rancid. Like any food source that is rancid, this is far from beneficial to your health.

How will eating The Muesli help me lose weight?

The Muesli should be incorporated as part of a balanced diet. Because of the unique combination of protein, good essential fats and fibre (with no added sugars or refined carbohydrates) a serving of The Muesli will sustain energy levels until your lunchtime meal.

The protein, fibre and fat content act to suppress appetite, so you feel ‘fuller longer’ and less inclined to ‘snack’ between meals. Muffin breaks will become a thing of the past!

Making sure that you follow up with a good nutritious lunch & dinner containing a portion of protein and lots of fresh unrefined/unprocessed ingredients, The Muesli is a great start to the day and is therefore a huge advantage in the weight loss battle!

”My family won’t necessarily sit down to a bowl of muesli, what other ways could I make it appealing to them?

My family make daily requests for my ‘Roughie’, which is a twist on a ‘smoothie’ but with the goodness of The Muesli added to the fresh fruit and yoghurt. I simply combine a serving of The Muesli, fresh or frozen raspberries and/or other fruit, a spoonful of Greek yoghurt and top up with milk, using a hand held food processor, it’s a great drink to start the day! A wonderful way to entice fussy eaters to all of the goodness of fibre, protein, essential oils and calcium needed from a balanced breakfast!

For myself, I mix a serving of The Muesli, with a spoonful of protein powder (Donna Aston’s Protein Supreme), fresh or frozen fruit, 2 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt and a dash of milk for a delicious start to the day.


  • Keep frozen fruit (eg raspberries, blueberries) in the freezer for quick options to add goodness and natural sweetness.
  • Cut rockmelon and store in sealed container (also strawberries) in fridge ready to use.

How does The Muesli compare to other products on the market?

I believe that sugar is the Enemy not Fat! The Muesli has 1.6g sugars/100g  (1.6%). The leading comparable products have a range of 11.2g – 32.0g sugars/100g . This is equivalent to between 3 and 8 teaspoons of sugar per serve!

The Muesli provides 1098Kj (262calories) of energy/50g serve. The Muesli has one of the highest protein contents on the market 15.5g/100g

How did The Muesli come about?

The Muesli was specifically developed at the request of numerous clients of a good friend of mine – (Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Health & Fitness expert) Donna Aston. These are people with enough understanding of the importance of health and fitness to seek out a personal trainer and regularly go to the gym! For many of them, managing their diet was even more difficult than getting to training at 6am! For busy people, breakfast is generally the major problem. When Donna’s clients ask, she and her Trainers tell them to eat The Muesli and with brilliant results. I’m pretty sure Donna and all her trainers eat it regularly too!

Does The Muesli have good fibre?

The fibre content in The Muesli is 9.3 grams per 100g. A 50g serve provides more than 12% of your daily fibre needs. The unique combination of soluble and insoluble fibre makes you feel fuller for longer. A special fibre known as Beta-Glucan also helps to lower cholesterol re-absorption. Serving The muesli with fresh fruit or berries will also add substantially to the fibre content of your breakfast.

How do I open my Tub?

Our 5kg & 3kg (gluten free) tubs are a very popular product.  Once you have the tub, next time you buy the Refill and simply store it in your tub.  Our tubs are airtight and a really great way to store The Muesli.  Simply decant some into a container for immediate use and leave the rest sealed in the tub until you need it.  Opening the tub can be a challenge and there’s a very simple fail-safe method.  Never try and do it at bench/table height!  The best way is to put it between your feet, grip under the rim of the lid and lift then turn the tub and lift the next bit along.  It’s all in the physics – by having it below you, you’ve created much greater strength to work on the lid!  (you can tell I didn’t understand physics at school!)  Hope it’s a help!