Health Food Retail need to be leaders in developing a Low Sugar, Sugar Free category!

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I am constantly alarmed when in Health Food shops, at the quantity of sugar in products – purported – by their very presence in a health food shop, to be healthy!

All of the research is showing that the simplest way out of the epidemics of obesity and Type 2 diabetes – to name just 2 of the metabolic diseases that sugar is implicated in – is to make SUGAR a consciousness for all consumers.

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Low Sugar Sugar Free Shelf Wobblers make finding products compliant with The One Line Rule, easy.

The ‘Health Food’ Industry by definition must pay attention.   Much of what is sold is simply not healthy.  How long is it before consumers, who make a choice to spend at an absolute premium, feeling safe in the knowledge that they are buying ‘healthy’, come to this realisation and hold the ‘Health Food’ industry accountable?

An assessment recently conducted of a major health retailer, in the breakfast/muesli category – (this is a Staple, an actual meal – in fact the most important meal of the day, surely a good place to start by offering a Healthy choice?), revealed the following statistics:

Across 6 facings – 83 SKUS (not counting size variants)

27% of the range is imported.  (The majority Nature’s Way from the USA)

These products have an average sugar content of 15% with two ‘kid focused’ SKUS at 26.9% and 36.7%.

16 of the 22 have sugar over 10%.

Gluten Free and Organic are a focus, but the nutritional profiles offered on many are just not Healthy.

3 out of 3 My Organics products carry way too much sugar 16.2%, 30% and 31.2%

59 of the total 83 SKUS have sugar over 10%.

There are 4 brands in this range that make some form of Sugar Claim.

Food for Health – Fructose Free – 1/2 products – 6.9%

Byron Bay Macadamia – No Added Nasties …Like Sugar…  4 Products – 10.1%, 10%, 9.5%, 6.5%

Mix My Muesli – No Added Sugar – 10.6%, 14.1%, 26.6%, 22.5%

Banting products – Low Sugar – 3.1% & 3.9%

The 2 Banting products are really the only ones that count as Low Sugar/Sugar Free. That’s 2 out of 83.

There is also the move towards the Paleo trend – with 7 products making the Paleo claim – at a high premium level price point – even these averaged 9% sugar with 2 over 20%.

The Muesli offers the healthiest and most complete nutritional profile on the market – and certainly the lowest sugar content (1.6%), while at the same time it’s a blend unmatched for quality and quite delicious! It’s also Australian Made & Owned and proudly boasts up to 60% Australian grown ingredients.

At The Muesli we work very hard on the marketing of not simply the product but the associated (sugar conscious) health messaging Our purpose and guiding principle is to help people make healthy sugar conscious food choices.

It’s time that ‘Health Food’ shops (& aisles) take stock and ensure that the choices they are providing for customers actually are healthy.