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Hutwoods is a wood wick candle and home fragrance business located in Miranda, Sydney. Becky along with her husband Tom work on the business together in their light filled studio.

Initially working in sales, Becky always had a passion for arts and crafts and lived by the mantra ‘do what makes you happy.’ Which motivated her to begin making candles.

2013, was the year Hutwoods was born. Becky started making candles as a hobby and before long, every surface in her home was covered in candles. She began taking them into her previous office job and they sold out in the first hour, with orders for more. Still having hundreds around the house, Tom suggested they have a market stall, and before doing so, they needed to decide on a name and logo. Hutwoods was derived from Hutley & Lockwood, Becky and Tom’s surnames.

With the market stall selling out every week, and customers returning for more, Hutwoods’ potential began shining through. When Becky was approached by a home wares store, interested in stocking her products, she knew Hutwoods could truly be a reality.

Just 8 months after first making candles, Becky quit her sales position to work on her dream job full time.

Now, the Hutwoods team works hard to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The brand is an Australian pioneer in making wood wick soy candles, which create a gentle crackling sound when burning, reminiscent of a log fire. The combination of scent, sight and now sound added to the relaxing sensory experience of burning a Hutwoods candle.

The business takes pride in using only high quality materials including eco soy wax, sustainably sourced wood wicks and premium fragrance oils. Introducing a new scent is no mean feet. They go through extensive trials, with 30 rounds of testing to create and approve a new fragrance.

This attention to detail speaks for itself in their unique, high quality products.

From their launch, growth in Australia and having international presence Hutwoods strives to remain consistently unique and inventive. Their recent collection of luxury candles is the perfect example of this. The Luxury Range comes in a copper and stainless steel vessel, with an engraved logo; a beautiful candleholder that you’d probably want to re use when the candle is finished. Based on this idea, the Hutwoods team decided to include a seeded protective layer to go on top of the candle, that could be planted to grow Basil, Oregano, Parsley or Thyme. Your very own herb garden, from a previously used candle. What a wonderful idea to put something beautiful back to good use!

Hutwoods is full of ideas, being constantly inspired by the nature and environment around them, travelling, cooking and popular scents from around the globe.

Hutwoods fragrance and home wares collection is available in a choice of stunning ivory glass tumblers with solid wood lids, lightweight travel tins, reed diffusers, wooden candleholders and their luxury copper and stainless steel vessels.

Along with their candle and diffuser collections, the brand offers personalised products for weddings and other events, giving people the opportunity to create a completely unique scent to remind them of their special day.

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