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Elise from Crave Real Food, has us in constant awe of her incredible photography and creative sugar-free recipes. Since quitting sugar in 2015, she has transformed the way she buys and prepares food for her family and began a food blog showcasing her beautiful sugar-free creations.

Elise resides in Sydney with her husband and three children. She is a Graphic Designer and runs the amazing food blog Crave Real Food. Elise is a Mother who inspires us with her food creativity and diligence in helping others make delicious and healthy recipes too. We got to chat to her about raising her three children and creating healthy food.

Introduce me to your family, what are their names?
My children are Lauren (16), Kasey (girl 14) and Lucas (10). My hubby is Greg, we met at school and he’s been an amazing support to me and is an awesome Dad to the kids.

Did you always envision yourself to be a Mother?
Yes, I always imagined one day I would be a Mother.  However I wanted to focus on my career and travel before starting my family.

What is something that surprised you about raising children?
I don’t think I was a particularly maternal person before having children. So the unconditional love you have with your children becomes a beautiful journey in life.

Also, My 3 children have completely different interests, which makes for a busy and exciting dynamic in our house.

Did you end up traveling when you were younger? Have you got any plans for family holidays?
As a child I travelled a lot with my family, both around Australia and overseas which gave me the travel bug. My husband and I lived in London not long after we were married for 18 months and love to travel. Our last family holiday was to Hawaii last October, where we had a memorable time hiking, swimming, exploring local markets and shopping together.

Do you think having kids made you more health conscious?
Yes, feeding growing bodies has made me more aware of what I buy and prepare for my family. I’ve also seen first hand how high sugar and highly processed foods affect my children.

We are all very active and our children are all involved in team sports. As parents we volunteer with coaching and managing teams.

What kind of sports do they get into?
My 16 y/o daughter swims and has travelled around Australia to compete at National level for the last 4 years. Getting up regularly at 4.30am, you need to be committed and have those goals.

My 14 y/o daughter has started playing Rugby League in an all girls competition this year and has a natural talent for singing.

My 10 y/o son is also playing rugby league for the first time this year. During the summer he is very involved in athletics, specifically running where he has competed for the last 2 years at State Athletic competitions.

Wow it sounds like you’ve got good sporting genes! Did you swim or play rugby when you were younger?
Hubby and I were very sporty when we were younger. I was a sprinter, played tennis and generally loved anything sporty. Hubby was an amazing allrounder especially in rugby, soccer and cricket. We both still remain active visiting the gym regularly and keeping up with our kids.

What are your go-to midweek meals? Or do you change it up a lot?
Our Go-To midweek meals are currys, tacos and roasts. Working from home I can throw something in the oven or slow cooker let it do it’s thing while I work. This is perfect for us as I need to have dinner ready by school pick up (3.30pm). I’m on the go from school pick-up til 6.30-7pm every night. This way, when we get home we can simply heat and eat!

Do you have any family recipes that have been passed on to you? Do you have any in mind that you want your children to know?
No I don’t have any family recipes which have been passed down. My husband and I are big fans of exposing our children to a variety of tastes and cuisines.  We both love to cook and enjoy exploring flavours through new recipes using whole ingredients.

What have your kids taught you?
Setting goals for themselves and the resilience to bounce back or reset goals.

What lessons did you learn from your Mother?
My Mother taught me to be strong, stand up for myself and set goals. She also said to respect others and to listen, ‘you might just learn something’. Her most common saying was, ’Treat people the way you want to be treated, respect is earned, not given.’

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