Ploughman’s Lunch

October 11, 2017 by in category The Muesli Recipes with 0 and 0

A ploughman’s lunch is a fancy name for lots-of-yummy-stuff on a plate. It’s simple, it’s wholesome, it’s satisfying and, just as a bonus, it’s incredibly easy to put together a sugar-conscious version!


– 4 sticks of celery, washed & cut into batons
– 4 radishes, washed, trimmed and quartered
– A handful of kalamata olives
– 4-5 slices of good quality ham
– 1 egg, hard boiled
– Tasty cheese, cubed
– 1 heaped tablespoon of sauerkraut (check the label for added sugars – you should see just cabbage, water and vinegar!)
– A big dollop of hummus
– A generous sprinkle of The Muesli Classic


This is the easy part – there really is no skill, hardly any prep and very minimal cooking involved in a ploughman’s lunch! Just whole, hearty ingredients that are readily available. It’s also flexible! Don’t like ham? Try smoked salmon. Don’t have time to hard boil an egg? Some well rinsed canned chickpeas also works. Not into olives? Artichokes in brine are also delicious!

What do you add to your ploughman’s lunch?