That Sugar Free Month

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The Muesli’s That Sugar Free Month – in honour and support of Damon Gameau’s That Sugar Film – is over and we hope that you saw and enjoyed a bit of what we had to offer!

Have you seen it yet? That Sugar Film is an entertaining and informative documentary following Aussie actor Damon while he chews his way through the Aussie average of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day over 60 days.

Starting as a non sugar eater – the turnaround and impact on Gameau’s health and mental well being is startling – particularly I’m sure for the unsuspecting viewer who may not yet have contemplated this whole ‘sugar thing’!

This is a film that should be compulsorily shown to every child in every school in Australia – and while they’re at it, their parents should be there to sit in on it also!

Sadly that’s not going to happen and there’s bound to be plenty of influences out there making sure of it!

So that leaves it to every person who has seen it, insisting that at least 2 of his or her friends do too and so on and so forth!

It’s funny and educational and kids will actually enjoy it, while at the same time take away what might be the most valuable lesson they’ll ever be taught.

The film proves, by taking a very basic sounding premise and demonstrating it with creativity, colour and humour, that Sugar is something that every person should be paying a lot more attention to.

That Sugar Film is still showing in some Australian cinemas and in its run since early March has been in the top 20 films nationally with higher average takings/screen than 85% of the other films in that list.

Both Qantas & Virgin have included it on their in flight film selections and it’s been picked up by a major US distributor. So congratulations to Damon, his producers and supporters such as Screen Australia, in so successfully putting a product like this to the market despite the inevitable backlash, criticism and misinformation aimed at them, from the food industry and who knows where else!?

In the words of Molly Meldrum – ‘Do yourself a favour’ and don’t miss That Sugar Film!

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