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It’s Year 6 of Sugar Free September and we couldn’t be more excited.  Now’s the time to get on board and register to receive all the brilliant recipes, resources and fabulous offers that will be coming at you.

Click here  to join and stay tuned!

Sugar Free September is an awareness campaign created to encourage more people to eat less sugar.

Because we believe that to i) be conscious of the amount of sugar that we eat and ii) learn how to access low sugar alternatives we can have a major impact on health problems such as obesity and type 2 diabetes

By providing tools such as The One Line Rule, eBooks with sugar-free recipes, educational resources and advice from experts in the field and like-minded businesses.

The goal:
For people to sign up to Sugar Free September, and make the commitment to Be Sugar Conscious with all they eat and drink throughout September, so they ultimately see for themselves the difference it can make to their life.