Today, 60% of adult Australians and 25% of children are considered obese. At The Muesli we wanted to do something about it. That’s why in 2012 we created Sugar Free September – a fun, effective way to get people on a path to healthier living.

This is not about sponsors, medical research or charity. This is all about YOU.

There’s one certainty in all this and that is, it’s impossible to live completely ‘Sugar Free’! After all, glucose is the basic building block to all human energy!

But it’s so easy to make a dramatic reduction to your sugar intake and that’s what Sugar Free September is all about.

Our mission is to help educate and enlighten people, who are justifiably concerned and confused about their diet, especially now that they are more aware of the issue of sugar.

At The Muesli our key premise is very simple. There is already enough sugar occurring naturally in whole raw fruits, vegetables & dairy to count as ‘moderation’ in a balanced diet. So, any sugar – added to, or in, any packaged or bottled food or drink – is to be avoided.

On average Australians are eating (or drinking), more than 1kg of sugar a week and most don’t even realise it. The science is showing that this sugar is doing us harm in many more ways than just making us fat!

The Challenge – just try it! See how much excess sugar you can cut out, simply by looking for it on packaged food & drink.

We’re asking you to make a decision, to be actively involved in proving to yourself, that sugar is the main cause of weight gain.

The One Line Rule® – It’s simple, for the month of September, make it your mission to read just one line on the nutrition panel of any packaged food or drink that you are considering buying or eating – Sugars.

In the – per 100g column – if the Sugars figure is more than 5g – don’t have it!

The more support you have, the easier it is to avoid sugar. So why not get your family and friends involved? Share the challenge and turn to us for support along the way. What have you got to lose? Except maybe a kilo or two.

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