A Sugar Conscious Santa Sack

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Christmas is has come around quicker than ever and with it appear the usual offerings of bright, shiny and sugar filled treats to celebrate.

This year The Muesli has worked hard to spread our #BeSugarConscious message and we are constantly looking for ways to make being sugar conscious simpler for everyone. To get past the sugar temptations at Christmas, we have created our very own Sugar Conscious Santa Sack to share with our social friends and beloved customers, to celebrate what doesn’t have to be an unhealthy time of year.

Being sugar conscious doesn’t have to mean you’re missing out, replacing chocolate and candy canes for high quality, real food is a much bigger treat!

We have partnered with these 6 wonderful brands to bring you the 2016 Sugar Conscious Santa Sack:

The Chia Co. was founded to make a contribution, to  the health and wellness of the global community, by making the nutrition in chia seeds available to everyone.
The Chia Co. has put a box of 10 chia shots into each Christmas sack.
Souk Spice is a premium blend of 18 aromatic spices, a recipe that has been in the family for over 30 years. The blend has an incredible nutritional profile and is absolutely delicious.
Souk Spice has provided a packet of this fantastic spice blend.
Red Island works with Australian olive farmers to produce the finest extra virgin olive oil. The oil is made using high quality olives from Australia’s best olive growers.
Red Island has contributed a fabulous 500ml squeeze bottle of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
And last but not least, we are including a delicious 550g bag of The Muesli Classic. A premium blend of 5 nuts, 4 seeds, oats, coconut and that’s it!
Royal Nut Company is a family owned business dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality nuts, nut spreads, legumes, grains, health foods and spices.
Royal Nut Company is including an almond, brazil nut, cashew and chia spread called the ABC Chia Spread with each Santa sack.
Pumpy Jackson has worked hard to develop a nutritious chocolate that contains less sugar than a carrot (4.2%). Their chocolate is high in fibre, inulin derived from chicory root, chia and almonds.
Pumpy Jackson has provided a block of their beautiful premium chocolate.
The Whole Foodies pride themselves on making high quality foods with whole, real ingredients. They have developed a healthy, gluten free noodle alternative using sea kelp, a delicious and nutritious product.
The Whole Foodies have added a packet of their amazing Kelp Noodles – and a couple of recipes – to the mix.




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