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Three Silent Trees was established from a design and illustration blog called ‘Doey and Owlette‘ which was founded by Michelle in 2012. Three Silent Trees offers a range of beautiful hand-made candles that contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and release a captivating scent. The brand is ultimately inspired by nature and the new fragrances created represent the current seasons.

Three Silent Trees have contributed this amazing Wine and Roses candle to the hamper prize for the winner of our Mother’s May competition.


Read more about Three Silent Trees below.

About Michelle

I have grown up loving the quiet times reading a book, travelling, and appreciating the little things. I find quiet times at home are the best to reconnect with yourself and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in Jakarta, my hometown.
My parents always encouraged my creative side, so in 2008, I moved to Melbourne to study Communication Design at Swinburne University.

In 2012, I created ‘Doey and Owlette’ where it started as a blog and an outlet to sell my design and illustrations. Within Doey and Owlette, a range of soy candles was started named Three Silent Trees. Today, Three Silent Trees is its own brand and my main focus.

Three Silent Trees stands for quiet, serene and a zen vibe. I always believe that the number 3 represents balance and harmony. While I was in university, a lot of my work is inspired by nature. The logo shows three trees with no leaves, no rustling, just peace and quiet. Just like the still of winter after the beautiful but noisy rustles of autumn. This is what I wish my candles can offer to my customers, that feeling of calm, a break from work, a break from life. This idea of relaxation, spa and candles has always been a big part of my inspiration especially when I was studying in university.

Now having a home and a family, I still appreciate this feeling. Waking up in the morning when everything is still quiet and fresh, being one with nature. This is what I wish my brand to represent. I also believe that my candles can offer more even after it is finished. I offer my customers refills at a lower price and encourage them to reuse the jars for storage instead of discarding them.

About Three Silent Trees

All my candles are hand poured and designed by myself at my home workshop. It is a long process usually taking me about 2 days to complete 4 small batch fragrance collections.
This starts from selecting appropriate jars, placing correct wicks in the jars, work on colour options and melting the wax, hand pouring the candles and letting it cure. i then work on the labels and take photos of the final products to update my shop to reflect whats available in store.

I offer a few ‘classic’ fragrances such as Lily and ginger, Vanilla, Sandalwood, fragrances that customers know and love. There are also ‘seasonal’ fragrances such as Christmas bush. Classic fragrance stays in the store and are always available, where the seasonal fragrance is only available until stock last.

At the moment, I am in a transition to replace some existing jars with some new exciting ones to cater for the new trend of minimalist homes.

I am still staying true to online shops as they are accessible especially for my rural Australian shoppers, however I will be looking for more stockist starting from the heart of Melbourne and hopefully expanding to other states when more established.

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