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“I don’t eat cereal anymore because it’s all full of sugar”

One of the most common things we hear from people, when talking about the benefits offered by The Muesli, is that they no longer eat breakfast cereal ‘because it’s all full of sugar’.  Now, we love knowing that there is a growing awareness and consciousness around SUGAR.  But, we’re here to say to all those people, that you can still eat a cereal for breakfast – because let’s face it - breakfast cereals aren’t the enormous grocery category they are, without a huge proportion of customers loving eating them!

The data being reported by one of the big supermarkets (and grocery industry in general), shows that cereal sales are declining by about 30 percent in a Health Category and this is a similar trend to mainstream grocery.

The assessment of this decline – a growing consumer trend of changing breakfast habits and not eating cereals. 

That feels obvious!

There’s no question in my mind, that a very large undertaking by the supermarkets - to identify SUGAR (or more specifically, items that are low sugar or sugar free) within the entire supermarket offering - is needed.  To assist all those customers who no longer eat cereal ‘because it’s all full of sugar’, those customers who have seen to it that there’s been a 30% decline in breakfast cereal sales.  The very same customers, who are aware enough about SUGAR to have made the decision on cereal and probably, other processed food products on the supermarket shelves! 

The commitment to such an undertaking (with up to 80% of supermarket grocery lines containing sugar) presents the need for a huge amount of work to implement it, it would seem that the preparedness of the industry to do this work is still, clearly, a way off!

If you or someone you know doesn’t eat cereal anymore ‘because it’s all full of sugar’ help us to get the word out – that there is a cereal on the market that is not only naturally SUGAR FREE but also offers one of the most complete nutritional profiles of any breakfast food.

You really can have your cereal and eat it too!


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