The Muesli Christmas

At The Muesli we get to this time of year and would normally be pulling together our Christmas Hamper – gathering all sorts of goodies and gifts to stock it and promoting it for one of our lucky customers to ultimately win.

This year I got to thinking, about wastage and people buying for the sake of buying and the fact that so much of what we give is just ‘disposable’ crap (excuse my language!) that ends up in landfill – so I decided this year would be different.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t NEED anything, let alone a crappy Kris Kringle gift that we’ll never use and ultimately throw away. What everyone does need is to eat – so FOOD is the perfect gift!

This year for our Christmas campaign we’re asking you to give the gift of The Muesli to someone you love, so together, we can give to someone in need.

Instead of offering you a discount price, bonus product or a hamper to win, this year your purchase of a ‘gift’ (our 6 biggest selling products are classified as ‘gifts’) will also fund our giving The Muesli (500g) to OzHarvest – because everyone deserves to eat healthily!

We’re trying in our small way to add the environment and those in need to people’s consciousness this Christmas – I really hope you’ll embrace this cause and share the goodness!

With love and best wishes for the Season.