The Muesli Club

What is The Muesli Club?

The Muesli Club has come about due to popular demand, from our amazing, regular on-line customers, YOU.

Simply, it’s a subscription service, that does your regular ordering for you.

You already know about and buy The Muesli. From now on The Muesli Club will ensure it’s delivered to your door, without you even having to think about it.

The Muesli Club offers all of our top selling product options.  Simply take your pick,  choose how often you’d like it delivered to you and we’ll do the rest.

We also figured it was the perfect opportunity for us to reward you for your ongoing support. At The Muesli Club you will receive 10% off retail price on every order from now on* and a bonus product with every 10th delivery.

As a member of The Muesli Club there’s no need to ever pay full price again!

The Muesli Club subscription is so easy for you to manage, look at it as a moving feast. You can change your delivery address, the frequency of your deliveries, the product size or type and even take a muesli break if you’re going away anytime during your subscription – simply by logging into your account.

We’re excited to be taking this journey with you and if you ever have any problems we’re only an email or a call away.

Make your choice from the products below, select your ‘Frequency’ option and then click the sign up button.

*Discount only applies to ongoing Subscription orders.