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Life's busy for everyone and it's great to have a bit of a peek into somebody else's - if for no other reason than to get some perspective on our own.  But - there are great other reasons - other people's lives are really interesting and we hope that you enjoy this first installment of A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.....

At The Muesli we're huge fans of the wonderful and inspirational Lisa Weightman so we asked her what a typical day looks like for her and the family.


In 2018 I won a Silver medal at the Commonwealth Games and placed 8th at the New York City marathon.  We finished building a new home and moved in just before Christmas.  It was a hectic year and we have taken some time off a structured training regime to get moved in, finish off the last few trades and settle Pete into 3 days of kinder. 

I’ve started a new role at work too, so we decided to take a moment to recover from last year’s hectic, never to be repeated schedule and be kind to ourselves – enjoy the most amazing time of our lives and instead of rushing through each day forgetting to enjoy them – we have savored it all. 

When March rolled round, we had planned to get back into a regime, plan our next marathon campaign and throw in a visit to some shorter events in the quest of finding out what more I can achieve in the sport we love, the sport which found me my love (my husband Lachlan)!

We are on the other side of our ‘adult’ stuff now and moving out of the fog back into the life of a running family again!  It’s March and we are right on schedule.


A typical work morning (4 days per week) starts with a 30-minute easy run.  My husband Lachlan is up at 6am, heads out at 6:30am and I hit the pavement at 7am. 

Pete stirs around 7am too and is up and ready for action in less than 30 seconds.  How do little people get up so easily?  With a twinkle of cheeky in his eye Pete loves to say – “Hey Mum, Can I please have a milky and Dad will have a coffee” in the morning and we all laugh!

Our main workout for the day happens in the evening on a work day.  We take my nephew for a run too before we do our workout.  It’s lovely seeing him develop and to help him prepare for a race or football season.  

My favourite running workout has always been 1600m repeats.  We typically start with 3 and eventually get tough enough to get through 5 fast ones.  If we don’t have access to the athletics track, then we make our repeats 5mins in duration and take 1min to 90sec rest after each. 

Our home gym is nearing completion too in time for the Winter evenings.  Our floor was installed a few weeks ago, we are researching treadmills at the moment and we have a wonderful photographer who is taking a landscape shot for the wall.  I can’t wait for the finished product which I’ll share with you at when it’s complete!


I typically start the day with a bowl of The Muesli Classic.  I make a batch with grated apple and yoghurt and place it in the fridge the night before, ready for a post run boost!  I tried many different breakfast cereals prior to being introduced to The Muesli when preparing for the Commonwealth Games. 

I could never land on one that was right until then.  I love the Classic and I’ve converted many too!  When I pour it into the bowl and pull out a chunk of brasil nut or cashew, I know I’m doing right by my body and by my mind every time!

Don’t get me wrong, chocolate has a little spot in my diet, but it has a balanced place.  The good stuff must go in first!  There is no substitute for healthy, nutritious food and the performances speak for themselves.

With our busy lifestyle I typically spend 2 hours on the weekend cooking up some bulk food to freeze for the mid-week madness.  Salmon patties, vegetable loaded spaghetti bolognaise and homemade chicken bites are a few good choices.  Then all I have to do is boil some noodles, make a salad or steam a plate of greens after training, while Lachlan settles Pete to sleep.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram I’d be happy to share a few of my favourite recipes.


I’ve been a Program Manager and Design Thinking consultant at IBM since 2002!  How time flies.  Since having Peter Richard in 2014 I moved to a part time role, progressing from 2 days per week, to 3 and now 4 days. 

I enjoy the balance I have between being a mum and wife, working and challenging my brain and being an athlete.  I must say though, being mum to Pete is the most rewarding and exciting role I’ve played in my life.  I just love being Pete’s Mum and I love having my entire family there to help us raise Pete too as it makes him and his cousin Tom the luckiest little people I’ve ever known.


Is relaxation a real thing?  I’ve seen the word and the tricks and tools on Instagram.  But do parents and Corporate workers really do relaxation?  Ha Ha

In 2018 my life was so out of control that I am surprised we made it through the other side.  I started the year on a Commonwealth Games marathon campaign, moved into a consulting stint on the other side of Melbourne, built up for the New York City marathon and all the while we were doing site visits at our building site.  If you ever try to build a home from the ground up – be prepared for crazy times ahead, even with a great builder!

We are now in our new home.  Our gym is almost complete, I can do a bit more of my work from home and we’ve resumed a training regime.  When I have a tiny bit of time to myself I like to phone my friend, read to my little one and do puzzles with him too.  Sounds crazy to the non-runner but my easy runs with my husband are relaxing.  I don’t like running on my own all that much, but those runs where we chat about our day are special. 

When all the chores are done, and the house is quiet we either pick up a book each for a little while or watch some telly!  I’d love to hear your tips! 


Thanks so much to Lisa for her time putting her typical day into writing for us.  We'll be attempting to take a look in to more people's lives in the coming months.  Do let us know if there's anyone you find interesting and would like to hear more from?


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