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The Ultimate Breakfast

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A pantry staple.

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eaten by athletes, loved by food critics

Eloise Wellings

Australian Olympian

"Since enjoying the long lasting energy and complete, clean nutrition that “the muesli” provides, it is now an integral part of my daily routine. I can confidently say with The Muesli, I’m eating for performance.”

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Matt Preston

Masterchef Judge & Food Critic

“It takes a lot to make me eat muesli as it’s either loaded with unwanted sugar or as unappetising as horse chaff. This is a muesli I’m happy to scarf down for brekkie. Eating it however has yet to give me the body of a gym junkie but I’m hoping…”

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Sam Wood

The Bachelor & 28 by Sam Wood

"...All of the ingredients are natural, and it does not contain numbers or words you cannot pronounce….A combination of quality protein, good fats and preferably whole food based carbohydrates is the key to starting your day in the best way possible.”

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That Sugar Film

The Muesli, who boast a great range of no added sugar products, showed us how the go-to morning meal of muesli needn't have added sugar to satisfy!

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Nat Medhust

Former Australian Netballer
"Through my search for great carbohydrate sources that I came across The Muesli. What caught my eye was how 'clean' and natural the ingredients in the packaging looked and the “Sugar free” labelling… with this one actually meeting those claims and which has now become a staple in the cupboard.

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Virginia Moloney

Commonwealth Games Marathon Runner
"I am loving The Muesli! It is my morning staple... I am finding The Muesli an excellent source of protein for recovery post sessions."

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