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Immunity - Take it into your own hands...


The it-word that’s become a GOAL for getting through the Coronavirus pandemic.   Naturally the ultimate hope for immunity is the vaccine – which amazing scientists worldwide are working – dare I say – feverishly towards.  Realistically it’s probably a minimum of 12 months off – and even that’s phenomenal!

There are ways to take immunity into your own hands as well.  Let’s face it, who in this crisis wouldn’t want to at least try to improve their own immune system?

SO, the good news is that - The Muesli (Classic) - can be a serious contributor to improving your immune system. 

70–80% of the body’s immune cells are found in the gut.

Raw Rolled Oats, as found in The Muesli Classic, are a fantastic source of Prebiotic fibre.

Prebiotics are natural plant-based materials from foods that make it to the intestines undigested. They provide a nutrient source for gut microorganisms to grow and thrive. Prebiotics are absolutely necessary to maintaining gut microbiome health.

Beta Glucan, the prebiotic in Oats, feeds the gut microbiome. Your microbiome helps to protect you from disease and allows you to source the most nutrients from your food, so it’s worth making sure it’s nourished and functioning at its best by supplying many prebiotic foods… like oats. 

In short, a focus on your gut health will help build and strengthen your immune system and the Rolled Oats in The Muesli can set you well on your way.

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