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Our Social Responsibility

November 1st - December 15th, 2017

The Muesli X Oz Harvest

At the beginning of the Festive Season we would normally be pulling together our Christmas Hamper – gathering all sorts of goodies for one of our lucky customers to ultimately win.

This year we started thinking about wastage and people buying for the sake of buying and the fact that so much of what we give is just ‘disposable’ crap (excuse my language!) that ends up in landfill, so we decided this year we'd do something different.

We teamed up with Australia's biggest food rescue organisation Oz Harvest to provide nutritious brekkies to Australians in need. Through our partnership we learned that 3.6 million Australian's struggle to fill their pantries every day. 

For every Christmas product purchased, we donated 500g or 11 serves of The Muesli to Oz Harvest. 

The Result

Over the month and a half partnership with Oz Harvest, we managed to donate 80.5kg of The Muesli or 1771 nutritious brekkies to Australians in need.