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The Muesli Gluten  Free - The Benefits

During this history making period in all of our lives, we hope that you and those dear to you are safe & well.

A couple of weeks ago we communicated about the properties of rolled oats, pre-biotics, gut health and the immune system.

I'm conscious that this messaging was not much use to those of you who are our The Muesli Gluten Free customers.

So, I thought I'd let you know of the fabulous benefits offered by The Muesli Gluten Free, where the rolled oats are replaced with rolled brown rice flakes and puffed amaranth.

1. Gluten Free   2. Sugar Free  3. High Protein

The Rolled Brown Rice Flakes - brown rice grains steamed, rolled, flattened & dried -  preserving the nutritional content and other benefits.  A great source of Zinc, which has been identified as being very useful in our fight against Covid 19.

The Puffed Amaranth with its toasty nutty flavour is highly nutritious with plenty of fiber, protein and micronutrients.  It has been associated with several health benefits, including reduced inflammatory responses, lowered bad LDL cholesterol levels and weight loss.

Also containing anti-oxidants and a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorous & iron.  All essential and health promoting nutrients contributing to protection against heart disease & cancer as well as benefiting brain function, bone health, blood production & muscle function.

If you live on a Gluten Free diet you live in a world where many of the food offerings available take advantage of people who often have no choice but to choose gluten free.

Just because it says it's Gluten Free doesn't mean you should eat it.

For a start many gluten free foods are filled with sugar, which was one of the main reasons we made The Muesli Gluten Free in the first place.  

We hope that it helps to get your day off to a great start and that this info gives you added peace of mind about your choice.

Sending love and our very best wishes.


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