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Amelia's 5 tips for being sugar conscious

Amelia is a healthy food blogger, almost lawyer and professional sugar quitter, if anyone has good advice on avoiding the sweet stuff, it’s her!

So, without further ado here are 5 things Amelia does to #BeSugarConscious : 

  1. Read labels.
    Being sugar conscious ultimately means knowing how much sugar you are eating and you cannot do this without reading labels. Learning how many grams of sugar is in a teaspoon (4g) is a simple and effective way to calculate how much sugar is in the product you are holding. Anything under 5g per 100g is ideal, anything more than 10g per 100g I would seriously reconsider.
  1. Better yet, eat food without labels.
    The easiest way to avoid the (bad) sweet stuff is to eat whole foods. Making up most of your daily diet with vegetables and a healthy amount of fruit means there is no need for packaged foods and crowding out your diet with vegetables is an easy way to leave no room for sugar.
  1. Clean your teeth.
    It sounds silly but whenever I feel a really strong sugar craving coming on (particularly after dinner) I go and clean my teeth. It helps with my frame of mind as it makes me think my eating is done for the day and is a really effective way to re-calibrate your taste buds away from wanting sweet.
  1. Notice how sugar makes you feel.
    Most of us aren’t perfect and we all have sugar slip ups. When these happen to me, I try and take stock and notice how my body feels – note this is different to feeling guilty! Commonly, I get tummy aches and feel really yuck after eating a lot of sugar. Next time when I feel like a sugary snack, I try to remember this yuck feeling and ask myself if I really want the treat when I know how I will feel afterwards.
  1. While watching you sugar intake is (very) important, just try to eat intuitively.
    Deep down your bodies knows that added, processed sugars are not an everyday part of our diet. While this transition may be slow and take some willpower, eventually your body will adjust and your cravings will lessen. Each small step in this direction is a good one!

You’ve read her ideas, and had a taste of her sugar-quitting skills, so why don’t you head to her blog and continue to #BeSugarConscious by checking out her nutritious and delicious recipes! Or head to her Instagram for beautiful healthy food inspiration.

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