Cholesterol, Fat & Sugar

How do we overcome the confusion?

Conflict of Interest is a major issue in so many facets of business and society – money is always the ultimate cause and unfortunately as a result there are often many who end up way worse off.

The tip of this iceberg is being touched, on a daily basis, when it comes to food processing, nutritional advice, sugar, fat, diet, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and the list goes on.

Catalyst on the ABC, in the first of 2 programs titled – 'Heart of the Matter' (24/10/13) the second will air on 31/10/13 – brought to the attention of their audience various things that will have come as an enormous surprise to most.

  •  That the ‘scientific’ study linking dietary cholesterol to heart disease has no foundation due to cherry picked data analysis on the part of the ‘scientist’ conducting it.
  •  That because of this, the most prescribed medication on the market – Statins – to counter blood cholesterol – may well be one of the greatest marketing coups of the pharmaceutical industry, ever.
  •  And that sugar is a much more likely candidate than fat – especially the much maligned animal and other naturally occurring, saturated fats – in the heart disease area.

The Heart Foundation - and their Tick, which appears across a wide range of foods endorsed as great for heart health, (many of which contain substantial sugar and man made polyunsaturated fat content) not to mention their adamant adherence to the advice implicating cholesterol – continues to come under fire.

The simple fact of the matter is that it’s almost impossible get a straight answer, confusion reigns and will continue to do so while the money involved is involved.

So here’s our challenge – it’s simple - YOU HAVE TO WORK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Do nothing more complicated than, read One Line on a Nutrition Panel, (on any packaged, bottled, canned ie: man made food) SUGARS, to make sure that it is no more than 5% (5g/100g).   You will see and feel a difference.

We are in no doubt that this simple RULE would impact obesity rates as well as all other metabolic disorders, currently at epidemic levels in society.

While not necessarily failsafe – we need a simple RULE to follow – something that we can do ourselves, to see for ourselves, without depending on information that it’s become frighteningly clear is definitely not to be depended on!

And, removing many of those man-made, highly processed foods from the diet is certainly not going to harm anyone.


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