Georgia Fish

Georgia Fish has been travelling the world as a professional surfer since she was in her teens. She competes in the World Qualifying Series and in between competitions works on a number of personal projects including The Conscious Space. As well as her love for surfing, Georgia is passionate about health and fitness and is soon to be a qualified nutritionist.

We got to chat to Georgia about how she got into surfing and what role being healthy plays in her life. Check it out below:

What got you into surfing? How and why did you start?
I was introduced to surfing through a friend I met at nippers. We used used to surf the nippers boards and then eventually borrowed regular surfboards and would go out everyday after nippers.

What keeps you interested?
Being in the ocean, constant desire to perform better and surfing with friends

Who is your role model?
Russel Brand for his perspective on the world and the way he confidently expresses it.

What role does eating healthy play in your life?
My body and the way I feel is everything to me. If I’m feeling average I can’t perform and train to my full potential… And the way I eat has a huge impact over all of that so I look at eating as a way to enhance my performance and my life. 

How do you like to serve The Muesli?
On top of a smoothie bowl or straight up with homemade macadamia and coconut mylk.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start surfing?
Just get out there and give it a go. Once you’re amongst the energy of the ocean you’ll be hooked.

Do you do any other exercise besides surfing?
I do a lot of fitness training. I like to mix it up with yoga, Pilates, boxing, running, plyometrics and weights.

Other than surfing, what’s your favourite thing to do outdoors?
Swimming in the ocean, going on walks and hanging with my 3 pups

And lastly, Gluten Free or Classic?

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