Georgie Timson

Georgie Timson is a surfer to watch! She’s young and an absolute gun, recently taking 2nd place at the Women’s Night Surf in Indonesia last weekend. This 18 year old is living a dream, having grown up in the UK, she stayed on the best surf beaches in France throughout Summer and regularly travelled to Portugal and Spain to surf beaches there too.

Read our interview with Georgie about surfing with her family and how she stays healthy.

Why did you start surfing?
I began to surf when I was 10 but only started to commit properly when I was 14, as I used to dance and run. I started to compete nationally at 15/16. As I mentioned my family surfs so it became a thing we all did together and it just made me love it even more.

How did you get into it?
My whole family surfs so it was pretty natural for me to fall into it. My elder brother Harry and my dad have been and are the biggest influences for my surfing. I love the feeling of being pushed to achieve goals and surfing the best I can. They both coach me and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do with their support.

What made you stick it out?
Surfing can almost seem impossible sometimes, you can easily visualise what you want to do but can’t actually do it when you’re in the water! But I think this is what makes it so addictive for me especially, to better yourself each time you’re out.

So, you grew up in the UK? What are the best surf beaches there?
I grew up in the UK but far from the ocean, we kept coming to Cornwall for our holidays and a few years later we decided to make the move, I was 10 years old! Now I live in a beautiful town called Newquay (our house is 5 minutes from the beach). I live in France for the duration of summer in England and sometimes longer months, with a lot of surf destinations being so close I go to Spain and Portugal too. The best surf beaches in the UK I would say is Watergate Bay, Fistral, Crantock, Perranporth and Penhale. There are so many more however it just depends on your surfing ability- as there are reef breaks also. I always find myself loving home more and more each time I’m away.

It makes you realise how much you take for granted being away from home. France every summer sounds amazing! Do you prefer surfing in France or England?
It’s very hard to say which I prefer because home is home and I love it but South west France is unreal and you can’t beat it, long beaches, super fun waves, beautiful weather and I can’t forget the bakeries (croissants, baguettes etc) and gelato it’s all too yummy, it would be rude not to enjoy.

You are living the dream! Where do you stay in France?
My brother is sponsored by Volcom so kindly we get to stay in the Volcom house, and some tents in the garden too! The house is located in pretty much the best spot in Hossegor if you’re a surfer. One of the best surf banks in France (just in front of the house) walk across the road, run over the dune and you’re in the water! The guys who are sponsored by Volcom are more than lucky to have a house to stay at and I’m thankful our family can stay for the summer. It’s very dreamy to surf all day with carefree thoughts and also to have lots of fun along this amazing coastline. I’m so grateful.

Where do you enjoy surfing most in Australia?
The royal national park: Garie, Era, and Stanwell. It’s amazing! There’s so many other good spots I’ve surfed too I’m pretty lucky.

Have you surfed anywhere else in the world? Where takes the cake?
I’ve surfed quite a few places now that I’m 19, I’ve done a lot of Europe: France, Spain, Portugal. Then have travelled to Morocco, Barbados, Australia, and lots of Indonesian islands. I’m off soon to Indonesia- to Bali, Sumbawa, Timor, and Lombok. I’ve currently been in Australia for 4 months now sheltering from the cold and cool water at home.

My favourite place I’ve surf and have explored is the eastern Caribbean island Barbados, I cannot explain how wonderful it is the vibe is so cool, I love their culture. There are some world class waves and it’s perfection. One of them being called Soup bowls, there are many other breaks are top class too. The landscape is made up of palms, flawless sandy beaches and crystal waters. It’s definitely a place you ‘need’ to visit.

Did you ever get competitive with your older brother Harry, or was he more of a coach?
Definitely more a coach! There’s no competition between us, and I could 100% not compete with him haha. I love surfing with my brothers, I find surfing with boys pushes you and I’m always learning. Having Harry tell me straight if I’m doing something wrong helps, as then I can improve but also when I’m doing well it gives me confidence and that makes me want to surf better.

You’re so lucky to be able to surf with your family. Does your Dad still hit the waves?
It’s the best feeling, my dad used to surf lots however over the past years he has become my photographer! Lots of his images are in surf magazines, my dad comes on some trips with myself and Harry to video and take photos, he’s always in the water with us; it’s great to have an underwater camera for the extra angle of footage. My dad is always striving for us to better ourselves, there’s not a lot he doesn’t do even when it’s freezing cold and the waves aren’t good and we’re not somewhere tropical!!

That is awesome, he sounds like a good motivator too! Last but not least, what role does healthy eating play in Surfing? And how do you like to serve The Muesli?
Correct nutrition is so important when you’re in the water for hours; you need to be able to keep up the energy. When you eat whole foods it gives your body all the nutrients it needs to fuel a system where your metabolic processes work. Before surfing you should have carbohydrates like a banana or some yogurt, I have muesli also. This gives you enough energy and stamina to endure long, exhausting sessions.

Keeping a consistent weight is one of the most important aspects of surfing, for example pop-ups; if you’re carrying extra body fat this will make it become difficult, as they require more strength the more you weight. Your major paddling muscles (lats and shoulders) need to work harder to move more bodyweight. And maintaining good balance becomes more difficult as you increase your body fat.

One of the best ways to keep relative strength high is by doing short, intense full-body strength circuits with moderate to heavy weights. Combine that with a good nutrition plan. If you take time to build that strong foundation, you’ll have more flexibility as to what you actually eat before a session, or post-surf. And have plenty of stored energy while staying lean, even when you don’t have access to food.

I serve the muesli with a smoothie base bowl, blended fruit- I try different combinations everyday and savoury vegetable ones also, then add the muesli on top. Soaking the muesli over night in coconut or almond milk tastes amazing too.

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