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Getting back to school and starting 2019 the healthy way


All the back-to-school hype is coming at us ahead of, well, back-to-school!  So many ads; on tele, radio, on-line and in the papers. The memes on social media, I particularly enjoyed:-


Everything designed to whip us into action to spend spend spend - on all things needed for another school year!

Lunchboxes are a big part of the day-to-day routine of the school year – not to mention feeding everyone across the board.  One of the things that is becoming clearer – thank goodness – is an ever growing awareness, in children, adolescents, teens, basically school age kids – about health and eating well.

People are always telling me that their kids are ‘so much more conscious of this stuff than we ever were’.

So, for Back-to-School, surviving feeding the masses and keeping up with the demand for Healthy – we thought we’d share our tool to use to stay on track.

You may have seen it on our pack or read about it from time to time but The One Line Rule is a really great hack (social media buzzword meaning solution?!) for staying on the healthy path and the best part is, that once kids get onto it – they love it and embrace it.

From a parent’s point of view – what’s not to love about your kids being health conscious and helping you with the shopping?  They become your eyes for checking the packs in the supermarket, which alleviates the on-again-off-again situation with the reading glasses!

The premise is so simple and you can read all at The One Line Rule website.

Basically read One Line only on a food pack – in the Nutrition Panel – Sugars.  Look at the /100g column and 5 or less (g/100g =5%), counts as Low Sugar/Sugar Free.  Anything with more you simply leave where it is!

Show the kids, and they’ll do it for you.  You’ll be surprised by the change to your regular shopping trolley.

Then get them to help us out on their socials - Please! 

#TheOneLineRule #BeSugarConscious @themuesli @themueslisugarfree @theonelinerule


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