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Saturated Fat is Not the Enemy.

The Muesli is being discovered by more and more people every day - which is obviously a great thrill for us.

A Convert

Marisa, took the time to email recently - to find a stockist nearby.  When she did and bought her pack of Gluten Free she came back to me again - 'I am thrilled you are both gluten and fructose free!  Not sure why the muesli is so high in saturated fat though - is it because of the nuts?'

Saturated fat is still very much a focus for people so I thought I'd share my - possibly overly dramatic - response here:

My Response

The fat content comes from the nuts, seeds & coconut.  All raw in their natural form.

As I’m sure you’d be aware, we have been brainwashed for many years to fear fat and in particular saturated fat.  All the research shows that the health problems caused by this misinformation are catastrophic and continue to be so.

Meanwhile it’s given the food industry the wonderful opportunity to concoct all manner of man made polyunsaturated fats, telling us all the while that’s what we should be eating (think margarine).   If we’d just stuck to good old fashioned saturated fats, from natural sources like avocado, nuts, coconut, real butter, olive oil and yes meat, we’d right now be much slimmer and much healthier as a society!

So, always look at the ‘source’ of the fats and resist the urge to panic at the sight of saturated fat!

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