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Sugar Conscious Shopping Environment

Bodsquad, the umbrella company of The Muesli are constantly discovering and creating ways to make being sugar conscious more simple for everyone. Becoming aware of the dangers of sugar is only the first step, the second is to realise the amount of hidden sugars contained in every day food items that you may not have known about.

Did you know salad dressing is a culprit? So are pasta sauces and cereals! 

The sugar shock is real when you discover that almost 70% of packaged food in supermarkets contains added sugar, so we needed to act fast and effectively to help people make more sugar conscious decisions.

The first action we took was creating The One Line Rule in 2010. The rule that sets a standard on products containing sugar. 'Check one line - Sugars, if its over 5% move on'. The One Line Rule has now developed into a platform to educate, share recipes and products that comply.

This year we have made a tangible step towards making sugar conscious products more accessible to consumers and spreading awareness on exactly where the hidden sugar lies. Emma Dumas, founder of BodSquad and The Muesli has worked hard to develop a sugar conscious shopping environment in the supermarket.

With help from the first supermarket to adopt the approach, Boccacio's Super IGA, Emma implemented shelf labels on products that were lower than 5% sugar and created a section of the supermarket dedicated to low/no sugar items. Now, being sugar conscious in Boccacio's is not only easy, it's impossible not to be.

Bodsquad and The Muesli are on the look out for more supermarkets keen to adopt the sugar conscious shopping environment. We would love to see sugar awareness spread throughout Australia.

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