Tayla Harris

Tayla was the first female player to be signed to the Brisbane Lions Women’s team last May, being ‘one of the most talented, young female prospects in the country’ according to Lions CEO Greg Swann. Since the begging of the season, she’s done nothing but live up to that reputation and surpass expectations. Tayla’s impressive skills on the field ‘can draw up to three defenders when she goes for the ball’ says Lions caption Emma Zielke and her kicking action has become famous in itself.  The success of the Brisbane Lions Women’s team has been the best AFL news Queensland has had in a decade.

We got to chat to Tayla about what it’s like making AFL history. Have a read below:

You started playing in a mixed team when you were 5 years old. Were their many girls in the team?
There were no other girls 

Were you always focused on Football? Did you get involved in any other sports?
Football was always #1 sport but I participated in any other sport I could 

Why were you drawn to football?
Love playing in a team with friends 

When did you become an asset on the field?
I always would throw myself into contests and not be back away from physicality 

Who supported you the most through your teenage years when you were playing for Zillmere? And who has helped you the most to get you where you are now?
My parents were the best support, driving me to training, games, being there for all the events and ups and downs 

Do you have a favourite football player?
Dustin Martin (Richmond) and Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda)

Being a leader in Women’s AFL, do you feel the weight of responsibility?
Yes but I understand and accept my responsibly as a role model

If you weren’t playing in the AFLW, what would you be doing?
Pursuing boxing (my other sport I compete in)

When did you first find out you were going to play for the Brisbane Lions?
Around May 2016

What role does your diet play in your training regime?
Gives me enough of the right energy to get through training sessions and games 100%

Do people recognise you more now? Are you enjoying the media?
I suppose so, Brisbane is still not an ‘AFL’ state so not necessarily in person but on social media I seem to be getting more than before AFLW attention

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