The Berry Queen

Alla is a vegan foodie who operates her own raw food blog, The Berry Queen, inspiring people to eat healthier by sharing beautiful photos with delicious recipes. Alla loves to be outdoors; hiking, practicing yoga or swimming at the beach, which made her the perfect ambassador for #SugarFreeSummer. She expresses her wisdom and creativity on Instagram and is a genuinely uplifting foodie to follow.

We got to chat to Alla AKA The Berry Queen and take in her refreshing perspective on life. Have a read below:

Why did you begin The Berry Queen Instagram?
I wanted to inspire people to eat more raw and vegan food. It was also a great way for me to express my unique vision and creativity.

What do you like about it? What are the challenges?
I like the fact that I can reach out to a wider community. Having connection with people who share similar values and believes is always inspiring and uplifting. There is a sense of belonging and endless opportunities to exchange ideas.

I like to work with natural light. During winter it can be tricky to share as much as I would have intended to. Also, due to full-time work and other commitments I don't always have enough time in a day to take photos and create posts.

You post such great vegan food inspiration, what blogs or who inspires you?
I follow a number of accounts on Instagram and YouTube. Amongst many I get inspired by @fullyrawkristina, @40belowfruity, @ali_perceptiontrainers, @cinnamonandberries, @matthewkenneycuisine, @rawmanda, @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya, @katefruitflowers, @rawspirations just to name a few.

What role does eating healthy play in your life?
Eating healthy plays an important role in my life. It's always a top priority. I do believe that we are what we eat (absorb). I feel my absolute best when I eat food that carries the highest vibration. Saying that, I appreciate that everyone is on their own journey and is doing their best. It's also important to exercise compassion towards yourself and others.

What do you like about hiking? Where are your favourite hiking spots?
When I hike I feel tremendous connection to nature. It's extremely healing to my soul. I feel like an explorer, wondering where the path will take me. Being in nature is energising and I find peace and tranquility. I also feel more centered and grounded. It's a great way to exercise too!

 I recently joined a hiking group, and am hoping to explore various hiking trails in Victoria. Grampians and Wilson's Promotory have some amazing hiking trails. Lakes Entrance offers stunning trails too. One of the most picturesque hikes I've done was in Switzerland. 

What other exercise do you enjoy?
I practice yoga and Pilates on a regular basis. It helps a great deal with scoliosis. I recently added running to my exercise routine. For me, it's nice to have a variety.

Your photography is absolutely beautiful! Do you have any advice for aspiring food bloggers?
Thank you. My advice for aspiring food bloggers would be: "Share and express what feels true to your heart. Embrace your own unique vision and let your inner child come out to play."

What other activities do you like to do outdoors?
I enjoy a quiet picnic at the park or gardens. When possible I absolutely love snorkelling; bike riding (although I am not very confident yet); Being at the beach and swimming in the ocean is one of my favourite things! I enjoy everything to do with traveling - there is so much to explore in this world...

How do you serve The Muesli?
I like to serve The Muesli either with fruit, berries and some coconut yogurt or in a Berry Parfait. 

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