THE MUESLI - A Brief History 2010 - 2018

At risk of blowing our own trumpet! After all, if we're not going to, who is?

We've put together a bit of an overview of how The Muesli got to 2018 - we've worked hard to get here.  Enjoy!

Emma cut out Sugar in 2005.
Sarah Wilson quit sugar in 2011 and started IQS on the back of that.
David Gillespie first published Sweet Poison in 2008.

Emma first sold The Muesli in zip lock bags through Donna Aston's Personal Training studio circa 2004.
The Muesli has been in the retail and on-line market-place since 2010.
The Muesli products were launched in 2010 carrying specific Sugar Messaging  - 97% Sugar Free.  They were alone on the shelves.

From Day 1 - The Muesli nutrition information panel carried an Extra (non compulsory line) - Fructose <.1g

Our original label - a cardboard sleeve around a plastic pouch - with all the goodness of The Muesli visible - carried the message:

Well ahead of its time and in line with a company philosophy to not simply sell a product, but help and educate consumers about health and sugar awareness, Bodsquad has worked tirelessly.  The Muesli has always offered Information Fliers carrying the messaging.

Flier #1: Circa 2010

There’s been support from some big guns along the way:

The Muesli has been running a Sugar Awareness month since 2012 - Sugar Free September (URL registered March 2012)

SFS #1 Flier Circa 2012

The Muesli products have carried a UNIQUE form of Sugar Messaging since 2013 - The One Line Rule  

Developed in the face of dodgy food labeling and disastrous 'awareness' campaigns*  that continue to confuse consumers.  The One Line Rule is a simple call to action to assist and educate - with no vested interests to be protected.   *(heart foundation tick, 5 star health rating etc)

From 2013 the original message now had some further support on pack!

A 2016 packaging change, saw a further updated design and approach on the messaging and education piece that The Muesli brings to the market.

2016 - Working with the Social #BeSugarConscious alongside The One Line Rule continuing to build a large Social Media presence.  And, always taking the messaging in-store - pushing for Low-Sugar/Sugar Free sections and product identification.


With clearly stated vision and purpose Bodsquad has done all possible to influence and impact people’s lives for the better.


  • The Muesli helps people make healthy sugar conscious food choices.


The Muesli believes in/that:

  • Educating the community about the impact and dangers of sugar.
  • Creating accessible sugar conscious solutions.
  • It is possible to be a packaged supermarket shelf food that is actually healthy.
  • Using natural, unprocessed ingredients to create healthy & delicious low sugar food.
  • Sugar is directly and indirectly having a profound impact on the health of society.
  • Educating, inspiring and assisting businesses to offer sugar conscious solutions to their customers.


  • To be the breakfast of choice of at least one person in every household in Australia.
  • Lead by example to educate, inspire & assist people to be sugar conscious.
  • Make it easy to enjoy a healthy, great tasting choice for breakfast, without the sugar. 

July 2018 - Country of Origin labeling guidelines dictate a further packaging update.

2018 The One Line Rule presented as a method of identification of Low Sugar/Sugar Free products in the supermarket environment. 

The Muesli remains ahead of its time and is still Unique on the shelves.  It's The premium, healthiest, lowest sugar and most delicious breakfast choice on the market - even if we do say so ourselves!

Not just Any Muesli - The Muesli.




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