The Muesli Maker; Emma Dumas

Emma Dumas walked away from a successful television production career to start Bodsquad Australia and produce The Muesli instead.

She asks herself why?  (Often as it turns out…)

Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education, with 5 Carols By Candlelight, 3 ARIA Awards & 4 Logie Awards broadcasts, Series 1 of Frontline, my own company’s productions The World’s Greatest Commercials, Great Escapes, Oz Encounters – UFO’s in Australia, plus 5 years producing The Panel, then a series of Thank God You’re Here & Santo Sam & Ed’s Cup Fever (World Cup 2010), under my belt – I couldn’t see why producing a beautiful premium and naturally sugar free muesli should be any different!

It’s been interesting and I’m certainly in it for the long haul.  Turns out there’s a lot to the food industry and working in it, that does in fact, bear similarities to working for the Australian television networks.

There’s a feeling of futility some of the time.  Fighting a battle in the face of an opposition with more power, resources and as a rule, way less scruples, can get tiring after a while.  But that’s not to say that it isn’t a challenge I revel in.
Anyway – by way of introduction of my current self – I’m married, just turned 50, have two teenage girls and a gorgeous groodle puppy called Eddie.

Emma with daughters Amy and Sophie and husband David

I gave up sugar (& processed carbs) in 2004 to go on to a then Channel 9 Show, What’s Good For You, in a 3 way challenge pitting Diet alone vs Diet & Exercise vs Exercise alone to see what produced the best weight loss results.  The other 2 girls and I were termed the Bodsquad on the show – so that’s where the company name came from.

I did the Diet alone part and my results were very convincing – losing close to 8 kilos (Diet & Exercise lost less than a kilo more than me).  After the six weeks the change was so dramatic that, mad on my new slim self, I found it very easy to stick with what I’d been doing.   In the years since, I’ve maintained my weight loss with ease, as well as my eating habits.  I now eat a bit more rice than I did and sometimes I’ll even have bread – shock horror – but the one thing I continue to live without, is sugar, and I’m absolutely convinced that’s why I can stay where I am.

Emma before and after the diet challenge

David Gillespie published Sweet Poison in 2009 and Sarah Wilson Quit Sugar in 2011 – I first developed The Muesli, specifically to be naturally Sugar Free in 2005.

Thanks to the amazing work of Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, David, Sarah and the many people who worldwide, day by day are becoming aware of just what Sugar has done to the health of modern society – our beautiful, all natural, protein and good fat rich, 97% sugar free product is, still ahead of the game and gaining momentum all the time.

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