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The Quieter One of The Muesli Pair

After a busy career at Cadbury Schweppes (note the sugar…) and time on my hands, Emma was quick to find a second hairnet and pair of gloves in the kitchen for me, her good friend Heather. That was in 2008 and we’ve never looked back.

With my finance & accounting background, we have quite a good yin and yang relationship – Emma is the freewheeling, ideas person who could sell ice to an Eskimo, and I’m the one more likely to put the handbrake on. Emma was very quick to learn that it was easier to simply not tell me what she was doing, and then explain later.

Whilst I’m well drilled on the evils of sugar from Emma, and obviously the facts that support this, my sweet tooth means I’m not as well-disciplined in avoiding sugar as Emma.  Having said that, breakfast is easy – The Muesli Classic, plus Greek Yoghurt & whatever chopped fruit available (or frozen berries) – and that is the morning sorted, with no need for a naughty treat at morning tea time.  Late afternoon is when things tend to go a little pear-shaped if they are going to as wine-o’clock looms and the next meal. My best sugar free tip is to drink a whole glass of water when faced with hunger cravings, and this at least fills the tummy temporarily while a meal can be prepared.

Emma and I both love our golf, and many a business meeting has been had over 18 holes.  My Rudy the Corgi is the original office dog at The Muesli, with Eddie the Groodle now his trusty offsider.

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