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Want to know the single flashing light to warn you that it’s full of sugar?

In the 10 years that The Muesli has been on the market - we’ve made it our mission to not only be THE sugar-conscious solution for breakfast but to provide information and assistance to people crying out for help, in the face of all that sugar! 

16th October 2019

We received a call from a new customer looking for the best option (to meet her needs) of the products available at  She was excited at having found The Muesli, keen to know what else we’re doing and planning on doing – and then she said it…..

 ‘I just need to get away from the sugar’!
Sugar is still out there in everything and it seems, although we’re way more #SugarConscious, it’s still an uphill battle.

Cut to the soft drink companies, frantically rebranding and re-releasing their ‘No Sugar’ variants.  They get it.  They know the impact it’s going to have on their bottom line.

But labels and packets everywhere still feature grossly misleading information & statements – the worst offenders of these are there - because of growing sugar consciousness.


This statement is the single flashing light to warn you that it’s full of sugar!

Take a range of commercially available ‘protein & probiotic balls’ (there are many out there and most fall into the same category).  Marketed as Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free - No Added Sugar, Source of Fibre.  There are 7 amazing sounding flavours to choose from  - protein, probiotic – all magical and appealing words. 

Nutritional Information on each ball shows Sugars ranging between...

43.1% and 49.4% 

Sugar is sugar and nothing that contains nearly 50% of the stuff is good for you!

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