Why We Do, What We Do.

When you're in your own business, it's easy to find yourself so consumed with managing the day to day dramas that after a while, you lose sight of why you actually started doing all this in the first place.  A friend offered a great piece of advice early on and it's something we've aspired to ever since, but not necessarily achieved.  You have to get to the point where you're working ON your business not IN it.  We're still working towards that end goal.

We did sit down recently though and ask ourselves some questions - why did we start doing this, why are we doing this, why did I make The Muesli in the first place?  To many people, this would sound a very obvious thing to do and I have to say, it really helped to refocus and give us a clear sense of the Why.  So here it is in a nutshell, for anyone who's interested...

The Muesli – The Sugar Conscious Solution.

At Bodsquad we pride ourselves on not simply having a product to sell but a unique and important health message with which we work very hard to educate people.

Our purpose and guiding principle is to help people make healthy sugar conscious food choices.

The Muesli just happens to offer the sugar conscious solution for breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

A beautiful all natural muesli, one of less than a handful of breakfast products available that’s Low Sugar/Sugar Free (<5%).

With 64% nuts, seeds and coconut then rolled oats, The Muesli is all natural and naturally sugar free (1.6% Classic and 1.9% Gluten Free) is Fructose Free, higher in protein than virtually anything else and quite simply has an unmatched nutritional profile.

The Muesli sits proudly at the premium end of the market. There are several others in the price range, not one of which comes close to The Muesli for;

  • nutritional value,
  • quantities of premium ingredients,
  • its ‘lowest-in-sugar’ status.

It’s also Australian Made with over 60% Australian grown ingredients.

Sugar content of food and drinks is at the forefront of research and news regarding health and nutrition, this is in spite of ongoing conflicting messaging being fed into the market place.

The Muesli carries details of The One Line Rule on its packaging.    Using this simple tool people can develop their own sugar consciousness and determine for themselves the impact that sugar has on their health and well being.

The Muesli therefore helps people to make healthy sugar conscious food choices.

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