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Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl

Here at The Muesli we’re having loads of fun coming up with new & exciting ways to serve your breakfast in the ways you know and love, with less sugar.

Take this (ridiculously good-looking) bowl.

Now you might have tasted green smoothie bowls before and either been put off, or needed to sweeten them with something trying to disguise itself as not being sugar (but deep down we all know it’s sugar, right?).

Well we’re here to let you in on a little secret; Pineapple!

A few chunks of pineapple (we had 4 cubes in this bowl) sweetens up the greenest of green vegies without adding a bucket full of sugar.

This bowl contains 3 sticks of celery, a big handful of baby spinach, a splash of water & those 4 chunks of pineapple – that’s it! 

Plus, when sticking to the One Line Rule, we still like the option of putting a little bit of fruit on top of our smoothie bowl to chew and taste and feel, not just blending it all up.

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