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The Perfect Summer Platter


  1. Try to keep the ratio at 70% vegetables / 30% fruit.

  2. When picking your fruit, be sure to include berries which are in season over summer, delicious on a hot day and lower in sugar than many other fruits.

  3. Think about the crunch! Almost anything is satisfying on a summer platter if it includes some crunch. We love snow peas, asparagus and cucumber, but fresh French beans, carrot sticks and even sliced broccoli stems also work really well.

  4. Go nuts! Including nuts on your platter will get some protein and great fats on your plate, as well as help keep you fuller for longer.

  5. Keep it bite sized. The best platters don’t need cutlery. Look for good quality cherry tomatoes, cut up the larger vegetables and make sure everything can be grabbed without a second thought (or searching for a serviette!) so your guests can concentrate on chatting to friends/holding their drink/getting back to that backyard cricket!

  6. Know what’s in your dip. We love knowing exactly what all the ingredients in our dips are, which is why we top plain Greek yoghurt with The Muesli Dukkah (recipe is on our blog). Roasted nuts or a good spice mix also work well!

  7. Eat the rainbow. We know you’ve heard it before, but eating the rainbow has more benefits than making sure you get a good spread of nutrients. Our guests (and your children!) are more likely to want to eat something that looks good. When you’re choosing your platter ingredients, see how many colours you can include!

  8. Fresh is best. Nobody wants to eat a sad looking vegetable, so try to buy your ingredients at most 24 hours before you plan to make the platter. To up the freshness factor, dip your vegetables in iced water just before assembly (but be sure to pat them dry on a clean tea towel!)

  9. Consider allergies. Be aware of your guests allergies and take them into consideration; there is nothing worse than realising a guest can’t eat anything you’ve prepared (and rummaging through the pantry for something appropriate!)

  10. Have fun! If you prepare a nutritious, balanced platter you won’t need to think about what you’re eating from it because it’s all good! Relax and enjoy what summer is really about – spending time with friends and family in the beautiful weather!

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