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Granola & Banana Cups

So now that you’ve made our granola (if you haven't yet, get the recipe here), we wanted to share with you one of our favourite, simple ways to serve it using an overripe banana and something green we usually see next to eggs. We present to you… 

Our Granola & Banana cups!

These may look pretty & fancy but we guarantee these take no more than 3 minutes to whip up.

The bottom layer
1 Banana mashed with a couple of tablespoons of plain greek yoghurt (or plain coconut yoghurt if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant).

The middle
Our granola, of course! We used 4 dessert spoons here.

The top
Is baby spinach we have wilted in the microwave – trust us! Spinach has almost no flavour and takes on the flavours around it. Once you spoon it out with the granola & yoghurt, you won’t even notice you’re eating spinach for breakfast without eggs.

We’ve finished it off with an extra dollop of yoghurt, a few blueberries and another sprinkle of granola (we admit it – that’s only because it’s pretty).

Et Voila – another way to serve The Muesli!

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