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Since enjoying the long lasting energy and complete, clean nutrition that “the muesli” provides, it is now an integral part of my daily routine. I can confidently say with “the museli”, I’m eating for performance.”

Eloise Wellings - Australian Olympian

“It takes a lot to make me eat muesli as it’s either loaded with unwanted sugar or as unappetising as horse chaff. This is a muesli I’m happy to scarf down for brekkie. Eating it however has yet to give me the body of a gym junkie but I’m hoping…”

Matt Preston - Masterchef

"It‘s refreshing to see a company like The Muesli dedicated to providing a breakfast muesli with absolutely no sugar or dried fruit added. Better still, they’re helping people understand why there should be no sugar in your breakfast (or anything else).”

David Gillespie - Author of Sweet Poison